ATUL POLYTECHNIC is Diploma engineering college that provides outstanding opportunities for higherlearning. Founded by the “The Leela Champak Charitable Trust” are engaged in publication of engineering books since 22 years in name of "ATUL PRAKASHAN ",this is well known in diploma engineering stundets of Gujarat. We believe our location and strong environmental orientation are as much part of the learning experience as the courses and academic programs we offer. At Engineering, education is complete. We have a well qualified faculty from across India, top–of–the–line facilities and a talented student body that will grow in numbers with every passing year. Our courses are market appropriate and job oriented. Research is given high priority and tightly woven into the curriculum.we give our students a local-global perspective as well as exposure to industry-academia interaction eventually, leading to lucrative and well-matched job prospects on graduation.  
Electronics & Communication Engineering = 60 Seat    Electrical Engineering = 60 Seat    Computer Engineering = 60 Seat    Information & Technology Engineering = 60 Seat    Civil Engineering = 120 Seat    Mechanical Engineering = 120 Seat    Automobile Engineering = 60 Seat